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SWOPBOX with indicator

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Product information "SWOPBOX with indicator"

Rat and mouse poison must not be placed or scattered openly. Boxes made of cardboard can get wet quickly, causing the bait to spoils and become unattractive. FuturA therefore offers you lockable plastic rodent bait boxes for safe indoor and outdoor use.

The mouse bait station is equipped with a simple turning mechanism and can be opened by a simple twist. In addition, there is a green lever which is pushed outwards when the trap is closed and set. That way, you can see a triggered trap from afar! This station can be used anywhere as it can also be mounted vertically on the wall. When mounted vertically the bait does not get wet and no water can collect inside the box.

Included in delivery:

1 x SWOP box monitor

1 x SWOP-Box wall bracket

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Scope of delivery
eMitter® Beep plus SWOPBOX: 1x eMitter® Beep, 1x Gorilla Traps® Mouse, 1x NARA® Stic Chocolate Nut, 1x SWOPBOX
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