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Mouse trap RUNBOX PRO | Beat trap tunnel incl. poison-free bait to catch mice

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RUNBOX mousetrap tunnel - the obstacle-free trap system The RUNBOX is a trap tunnel for... more
Product information "Mouse trap RUNBOX PRO | Beat trap tunnel incl. poison-free bait to catch mice"

RUNBOX mousetrap tunnel - the obstacle-free trap system

The RUNBOX is a trap tunnel for catching bait-shy mice in private as well as commercial areas. The RUNBOX is equipped with two impact traps for mice and enables the poison-free trapping of mice.

Your advantages

✓ poison-free professional trap
✓ effective with bait-shy mouse populations
✓ fast removal in case of acute infestation
✓ quickly ready for use and functional
✓ both walking directions are baited
✓ easy opening of the trap and removal of the pest

Scope of delivery

1 Runbox PRO incl. base plate2 impact traps mouse gorilla traps
2 Nara Lure chocolate nut (poison-free bait)

How do I set up the RUNBOX impact trap tunnel?


The RUNBOX Strike Trap Tunnel consists of an upper part and a lower part (base plate). Remove the upper part to check if the two impact traps are already clicked into the corresponding fixture. If necessary, you still have to click the two impact traps into the base plate. Then equip the impact traps with a bait. We recommend the use of the enclosed Nara Lure bait with chocolate-nut aroma. This is a poison-free bait made of plastic. Nara Lure has the significant advantage that it does not disintegrate, begins to mold or the like. The Nara Lure has a shelf life of about 3 months. Alternatively, baits such as peanut butter, Nutella and chips have proven effective. The impact traps have a special position for the bait. Then you can set up the RUNBOX Strike Trap Tunnel at the desired walkways and sharply tension the strike traps in the tunnel. Finally, you need to press the upper part of the tunnel back onto the lower part so that the beat traps are protected. The beater traps must be checked regularly (at least once a day). The captured mouse can be easily removed by again removing the top part of the trap and removing the mouse by pressing the beater trap bar.

Nara Lure

NARA Lure is a high-tech NON TOX attractant and monitoring bait for mice consisting of a flavored special plastic for use with GORILLA TRAPS impact traps.

Your advantages

✓ high attractiveness for mice. Due to the "mushroom" shape, it increases the catchability of small/light mice.
✓ long shelf life depending on the place of use of at least 3 months.
✓ allergen-free and thus optimally suited for use in the food industry
✓ no infestation of the bait by insects (rice flour beetle, grain flat beetle, cockroaches, etc.) as with conventional baits
✓ ideally suited for use in wet areas. No mold growth or decomposition due to moisture.
✓ for attachment in the bait depot of the GORILLA TRAPS mousetrap.

How does the RUNBOX mousetrap tunnel work?

The RUNBOX beat trap tunnel has large tunnel openings. The outer casing is made of thin plastic. Both features mean that the mouse does not perceive the tunnel as an obstacle and, attracted by the bait, it quickly runs into the trap. As soon as the mouse enters the RUNBOX Strike Trap Tunnel, the tensioned strike trap is triggered and the mouse is killed immediately. The RUNBOX Strike Trap Tunnel can also be used in the commercial sector for pure monitoring. For this purpose the beater traps are either removed from the trap or not tensioned. One can then detect a mouse infestation by eating the bait. In the case of an acute occurrence of mice, the impact traps are then subsequently "armed". Alternatively, mice can be caught with a live trap.

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31 Mar 2016

Die Mäuse sind weg

Wir hatten Mäuse auf unserem Dachboden, die sich einfach nicht fangen lassen wollten. Mit diesem Tunnel hat es nicht lange gedauert und wir hatten sie beide. Wie heißt es doch so schön? Zwei auf einen Streich! Falls die nächsten Mäuse sich verlaufen sollten.. Wir sind gewappnet.

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