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RatCap, 10er Set

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RAT CAP - The Rat Stopper- Prevents rats from entering and leaving the sewer system... more
Product information "RatCap, 10er Set"

RAT CAP - The Rat Stopper-

Prevents rats from entering and leaving the sewer system

  • Replaces the use of rat poison
  • Cost-effective and sustainable
  • Easy assembly

Rodenticides, i.e. rat poison, have been used for decades in almost every municipality in the sewage system. It is now known that the poison does not remain there but is released into the environment via the sewers. These PBT substances accumulate in the environment and remain there for a very long time.

It is assumed that every year in Germany approx. 600 tons of bait are spread in the sewage system. Since these substances are also classified as toxic for reproduction and have meanwhile been detected in numerous fish, one can only guess how serious the long-term effects on the environment are. The fact is that the toxins are already in our food chain.

The RatCap® is a specially developed device that prevents rats from getting into or out of the sewage system. It is placed on the dirt trap and thus blocks the possibility of rats getting past the dirt trap to the top. The assembly takes place by simple plugging on by means of clips.

Operating instructions:

1. remove manhole cover

2. remove the dirt collection basket

3. provide RatCap® with three clips each

4. attach the RatCap® to the dirt collection basket and pin it in place

5. replace the dirt collection basket. Note that the RatCap® covers the area above the step irons.

Set consists of: 10 x RatCap metal ring with clip


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