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eMitter Pro Router | Signal Amplifier

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  • 160031-SET
If structural conditions or long distances prevent signal, the router is required. If your... more
Product information "eMitter Pro Router | Signal Amplifier"

If structural conditions or long distances prevent signal, the router is required. If your eMitter wireless measurements show that the distance between the trap and the controller is too great, use a router: just plug it in and it works.

Price plus administration fees (calculated annually): 7, - Euro per month.


SIMPLE INSTALLATION ✔ The eMitter router is plug-and-play and only needs to be connected to the mains.
DAILY STATUS ✔ The router itself sends a life signal to the controller every day. So you won't miss anything.
FOR LONG DISTANCES ✔ The router receives signals from all transmitters in the eMitter system and sends them to the controller. Up to 1,500 meters range.
TRIED BY A MILLION ✔ eMitter has been in use in 20 countries for over 10 years and has proven itself a million times already.


Scope of delivery:

1x eMitter® Pro Router including cables and antennas


Matching articles:

The range of all eMitter Pro Series transmitters is increased by the router and transmits them to the controller



If you have any questions, please contact our eMitter expert Daniel Schröer. Schedule your free consultation right here.

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