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Here you will find innovative products for modern pest control.

Here you will find innovative products for modern pest control . read more »
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Here you will find innovative products for modern pest control.

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eMitter Outdoor Direct | With rat trap | Incl....
With this set you have the perfect digital stand-alone rat trap for permanent monitoring.
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eMitter® PestCam | camera with night mode |...
eMitter® PestCam is the first camera specifically designed for pest control. Pictures instead of gnawed bait
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2in1 key. Fits in all VANGUARD stations and SNAPBOXES
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eMitter Beep | Acoustic pest detector
eMitter Beep was born from the idea of a smoke detector. Activate the Beep and simply place it in the rodent station. When a rodent is being caught in the trap the vibration of the trap will activate the eMitter BEEP alerts. eMitter BEEP...
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eMitter® Pro | Indoor Rocker | with battery
eMitter® Pro Indoor Rocker is your solution for digital pest control and permanent monitoring.
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eMitter PRO | Controller
The centerpiece of the eMitter system - The eMitter Controller sends daily status information on all traps in the system.
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eMitter Pro Router | Signal Amplifier
The router offers the possibility to increase the range of the transmitters by up to 1.500 meters for long distances.
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eMitter PRO | Controller
The centerpiece of the eMitter system - The eMitter Controller sends daily status information on all traps in the system.
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eMitter Pro | Indoor Switch for single traps
eMitter Pro Indoor Switch is the transmitter for all single mousetraps
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eMitter® Pro | Indoor Rocker
eMitter® Pro Indoor Rocker is the solution for all tunnel traps and fully integrates with the eMitter system.
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permanent monitoring

It is our aim to anticipate important developments and to always present innovative and newest solutions to you and to offer them on the market. For example, in addition to proven and classic products in the pest control industry, we have been offering various solutions for permanent monitoring for many years.

In the near future, pest control will no longer be applied in its centuries-old form with poisonous baits. The first permanent monitoring system with energy-autonomous trap technology was developed in 2006: eMitter.

Once a small beginning, but now to be found in your retail store around the corner as well as in the halls of the world market leaders of the international food industry. Our standards are the highest demands, which is why every detail of our products is tested down to the smallest detail and manufactured with dedication.

Since references such as Lieken AG, Givaudan, etc. do not allow for mistakes or compromises in immature and short-sighted concepts, our slogan is: "Setting the Standard".

We are particularly proud to have worked with an international network of strong partners for many years. Our products can be found in Scandinavia, Greece, Cyprus, Great Britain, Ireland, the Benelux countries, Israel, Switzerland, Austria and many more. By regular, international exchange, we do not miss any trend and no development. These partnerships form a large strong family.

For our customers we are always in the front row and think processes through to the smallest detail for you. Since successful products only find their true success in practice, we benefit from the wealth of experience gained through cooperation with our sister companies in the fields of building sealing and renovation (Dr-Dicht) and in the practical application of pesticides at a well-known company in the industry (Biotec Klute).

The fact that Futura stands for quality and innovation is proven by product innovations such as the worldwide known and proven permanent monitoring system eMitter or the world's first allergen-free bait NARA® as well as the completely covered hygiene bait station SWOPBOX, which have made the name Futura known.

Products such as the wildlife camera and the acoustic transmitter have been specially developed for pest control and are products of the future.

We are looking forward to going into the future together with you.

Alarms by App or Email

What does a Permanent Monitoring System have to do for you?

The managing director of a leading pest control company put it very simply: "A permanent monitoring system has to fulfil three requirements: easy installation, flexibility, long range and all that eMitter offers us".

-What is "future" for some, is "standard" for us-

Of course we offer you state-of-the-art apps and websites for a professional management of all information of your eMitter traps - this is our standard we set early on.

-Solutions from the practice for the practice-

We know the daily bread of a pest controller: since 2006 we have been developing and producing permanent monitoring solutions and selling them worldwide.

Thanks to our large, international partner network, we know exactly what matters to you in your daily life. Therefore the eMitter has to be installed within seconds and our small eMitter transmitters have to fit into each of your stations.

We make your service "smart", with eMitter

- Installation via App within seconds
- Dozens of different traps and stations
- Interference-free wireless technology (EnOcean)
- Range up to 1.500m
- Transmitter with or without battery
- daily Keep-Alives and strong, rechargeable batteries
- Training by our eMitter trainers
- Complete online documentation in the cloud
- Alarms via App or Email

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