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Payment / Dispatch

Delivery charges

How will your order be shipped?

Generally we use DHL. For shippments of goods with special handling (Aerosol, batteries) please see below)

Packing and Shipping costs within Germany

Packing and Shipping costs within Germany are charged with 8,00 Euro.

Shipping costs surcharges

We don´t charge  Extended area surcharges.

Packing and delivery charges within European union

Packing and shipping costs within the European Union are charged with 18,00 Euro.

We deliver in following EU countries:

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain  (with valid VAT only)

Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland (with valid VAT only), Portugal, Romania

Sweden, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic  (with valid VAT only), Hungary


Packing and delivery charges to Switzerland

Packing and shipping costs to Switzerland are charged with 22,00 Euro.

Deliveries to Switzerland are subject to customs fees and  taxes.

Further information for Switzerland can be found here:



Packing and delivery charges outside European Union

Packing and shipping outside European Union are charged with 50,- Euro.

Deliveries outside European Union are subject to customs fees and  taxes.

Please contact your local customs office for further information.


Packing and delivery charges for goods with special handling

For Aerosol and batteries we have to charge special delivery charges:

Belgium, Denmarc,Luxembourg,Netherlands, Czech Republic:    18,- Euro 

France, Italy, Austria:  23,- Euro

Poland, Slowakia: 28,- Euro 

Romania, Hungary, Portugal, Spain: 34,- Euro 

Switzerland 49,- Euro 

Finland, Great Britain, Sweden, Greece, Ireland, Northen Ireland: 93,- Euro

We use UPS for shipping of Hazardous goods inkluding all mandatory documentation acc. to IATA/ ADR regulations. 

For all other countries please contact our sales.


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