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GreenHero® Mouse Stop Sealant

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Whether martens in the attic, mice in the garage or rats in the basement: rodents, insects and... more
Product information "GreenHero® Mouse Stop Sealant"

Whether martens in the attic, mice in the garage or rats in the basement: rodents, insects and other pests can penetrate through the smallest holes or cracks, cause major soiling, bring in diseases and destroy cables, pipes and seals.

Simple sealants are often not sufficient to effectively keep rodents away, as they can easily be destroyed by the rodents. The GreenHero Mouse-Stop efficiently, permanently, quickly and reliably prevents pests from entering buildings or pipes.


Read the instructions on the package before use. Apply the sealant using a cartridge press. The applied layer must be at least 15 mm and loose material should be removed from the surface. Fill all gaps completely. Smooth out the applied sealant with a cutter. The seal is immediately waterproof and effective. The sealant is completely cured at 20 °C after approx. 48 hours. After application, the sealant feels soft to the touch. Remove food that might attract rodents.

We recommend wearing gloves during application. The sealant should be applied to openings / channels with a minimum size of 5 cm. It can be used between a temperature between -50 °C and + 90 °C.

The required thickness of the layer varies and several applications may be necessary.

After application, clean the cartridge press and hands with a dry cloth or, if necessary, with white spirit.

After 48 hours the agent can be overpainted.


Please dispose of in normal household waste. For use at the workplace, please observe the relevant regulations.

Safety Instructions:

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Not suitable for consumption. Do not use near heat sources. Store in a dry, frost-free place.


300 ml

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